I am so proud of you all for helping with the planning of the dance! You all have really come together and are creating a great event for tomorrow.

I am so thankful for our BETA alumni for coming out and taking the reigns and giving us all the direction that we needed to get the Hall Of Screams planned. Crystal Tubman, Christiana Morton and Courtney Gorham, the Junior BETA’s thank you!

I also want to thank all the parents that have helped us make this a success! Your support means the world to us and we would not be able to make it happen without you! A big shout out to Crystal Migliorini, Rachel Farmer, Cherie Marshall and Cindy Gorham – Thank you!

Our BETA meetings in November will be November 5th and November 12th. Although our BETA meetings are supposed to be the 1st and third Wednesday of the month we had to change it for November.