Canned Food Drive

Parents, Teachers, and Students! Want to help local families in need and win a free pizza party for your son/daughter’s class? Then help give for the Christmas in April food drive.

This event is sponsored by Wright’s Chapel Church and will directly benefit the families of Caroline County who are in need. If  you would like additional information, please contact Mrs. Sharon Rachanow,

Dates : March 16th – April 3rd

Rewards : Winning Class gets a free pizza party and the teacher of the class gets a gift certificate

Items to bring in (Please no glass containers):

*Peanut Butter                          *Mac & Cheese

*Hamburger/Tuna Helper      *Jelly

*Juice boxes/Juice                     *Beef Stew

*Pasta and/or Pasta Sauce       *Ravioli

*Spaghetti O’s                             *Dried Beans

*Canned: Veggies, Meats, Tuna, or Soup

*Rice                                              *Instant Potatoes

*Pancake Mix                               *Granola Bars

*Powdered Milk Packets            *Cereal Bars

*Fruit Cups                                    *Cereal Crackers

*Oatmeal                                        *Dried Fruit

*Baby Diapers  (size 4-8)             *Baby Wipes

Service Hours

I received the following email with regard to the Family Fair this Saturday. If you need community service hours then please try and make the event:

“Please remind all students who wish to earn community service hours that we will be setting up for Family Fair on Friday, March 13th immediately after school at Caroline Middle School. Be sure to make transportation arrangements to get home.

Also, Saturday, March 14th, students should arrive at 7:30 a.m. to volunteer at Family Fair at Caroline Middle School. We will have jobs available all day until cleanup from the event around 3:00 p.m. Be sure to make transportation arrangements to get home.

Bring appropriate paperwork if signatures are needed to confirm hours worked.

Students who did not participate in the teen volunteer training are still welcome to come to Family Fair to volunteer anyway.”

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Wednesday March 11th.

We will prepare for the start of our canned food drive. We will be collecting canned goods to fill the food pantries in Caroline County. We are working in conjunction with Wright’s Chapel’s Annual Christmas in April canned food drive.