Halloween Dance

The cost for the dance is $5 and we are still selling tickets in the cafeteria. You can also purchase concessions and pay for the “Hall of Screams” at the dance. The cost for the “Hall of Screams” is $2. You can wear a costume, no masks though. We will be having a costume contest. The dance is 6-8pm.

There are a few students who I told to stay after Friday to help set up for the dance. Those are the students that Ms. Mott and I talked to specifically on Tuesday and Wednesday that they are helping with the dance. Ms. Mott and I will make sure you have dinner before the dance starts. The students who are in the Hall of Screams are to wear ratty/tattered clothing as they are zombies. The escorts and doorkeepers are free to wear any costume that they wish. We should be done with clean-up around 8:15pm.

We are in need of:

Some Boxes – small big, etc.

Halloween Makeup

Fake Blood

If you have any extra at home, please feel free to bring with you on Friday. I will be in my classroom in the morning if you need to drop off your costume, boxes, make-up etc. A few students stated their parents would like to come and help with make-up. That is fabulous and we could use you around 5pm.

Aside from the Halloween Dance: Please make sure your dues are paid. Our bylaws state that you are not an active member if they are delinquent and will not be able to attend meetings. Additionally, you need to maintain a 3.5 GPS to attend meetings. Your grades are important!

Our next meeting is November 9th. If you are submitting something to be considered for convention it will be due that day and no later.

Hope you enjoyed your half day!

BETA Convention

Last week we talked about the BETA convention and many of you signed up for competitions that you would be interested in competing. The deadline to submit for the category to compete in is at the 1st November meeting. The November meeting is November 9th.

In order to go to the convention your dues must have been paid,you must maintain 3.5 gpa, and you must be competing in one of the events.

The amount of students that we bring is also limited to the chaperones that are able to come to convention. There is one chaperone per three students as that is how we will be registering for the rooms.

The link to the competitions is http://sponsors.betaclub.org/conv/bulletins/jr/VA.pdf

If there are several entries for a category then we will have a panel of teachers judge the best one for us to submit to the convention.

If you want to compete in one of the following categories, then please review the rules and make sure it is submitted by November 9th.

Robotics Showcase
Group Talent or Special Talent
Black & White Photography
Color Photography
Digital Art
Fiber Arts
Pastel or Charcoal
Recyclable Art
Handmade Jewelry